Investment Services

Private Clients

Capstone Group together with its affiliated entities, Alliance Trust Company Limited and Fenech Farrugia Fiott Legal, has set up a Private Clients Unit to cater for tax and legal advice to high net worth individuals. We will be able to set up and advise on the implications of trusts, foundations, family offices and other services required to manage our clients’ assets and wealth. There are a number of incentives in Malta which could be beneficial to private clients:

High Net Worth Individuals Rules and Global Residence Programme Rules

These two residence programmes, one applicable for EU/EEA and Swiss nationals and the other for third country nationals, provide a beneficial tax rate of 15% to individuals who acquire Maltese residence.

Highly Qualified Persons Rules

These rules provide for a beneficial tax rate of 15% on the income received by highly qualified individuals when taking up posts in Maltese companies within the aviation, gaming and financial services industries.

Tax residence in Malta

Obtaining Tax residence in Malta would provide for the possibility of benefitting from certain incentives offered by the Maltese jurisdiction. Such individuals, who would, in most cases, be considered resident but not domiciled in Malta for tax purposes, would be taxable on income and capital gains arising in Malta and foreign sourced income received in Malta. Capital gains arising outside Malta would not be taxable in Malta.

Taxation of trusts and foundations

Trusts and foundations could be treated as a company for tax purposes and benefit from exemptions and other incentives applicable to companies. Trusts also have the option of being ‘looked through’ for tax purposes to ensure that the creation of the trust does not impose any tax disadvantages to the beneficiaries.

Pension schemes

Malta has recently introduced a programme for retirees from the EU/ EEA and Switzerland to take up residence in Malta and benefit from a reduced rate of tax of 15% on foreign sourced income received in Malta. Through our separately licensed company, Momentum Pensions Malta Limited, we are able to provide a QROPS solution for our clients.

Other benefits

Malta also offers a number of other benefits, such as the VAT and tax benefits relating to yachts and private jets, the tax refund system and others.