Information Systems Assurance Services

Information Systems Assurance Services

Information Systems (IS) and Information Technology (IT) are at the heart of any modern organisation and stand as mission critical to the continuity and competitive advantage of any business. Legal, regulatory, governmental and stakeholder requirements in this respect have brought in additional risks for IS / IT reliant organisations.

At Capstone we offer a variety of Information Systems Services directed towards an optimal identification and management of the IS / IT risks of an organisation. Our IS / IT team is qualified and certified in various areas of specialisation and have considerable experience working directly in this sector.

Malta Online and Remote Gaming System & Compliance Audit Reviews

The Regulatory and Compliance Partner of our firm, was formerly a Systems and Financial Auditor within the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), managing Malta Licensed Gaming Operators and their respective Systems and Compliance Audit Reviews.

At Capstone, we can audit and review your systems on the basis of an internal framework, based on ISO Security Standards and structured specifically for Malta Licensed Online and Remote Gaming Operators. This review and the action plan that we will prepare will assist any operator to undertake and conclude successfully the actual Compliance and Audit Review performed by the Malta Gaming Authority.

Business Continuity Planning BCP

Our Advisory arm can assist in the Business Continuity Planning Life Cycle stages of appraisal, design, implementation, testing and regular maintenance, towards ensuring that your organisation identifies any specific internal and external threats and provides effective prevention and recovery procedures without compromising its competitive advantage and value system integrity.

Information Systems IS, Information Technology IT, Internal & Gap Audit

Whether as a standalone project, part of your financial audit or as part of an ongoing internal process, Capstone can undertake a comprehensive review of controls and perform a Gap analysis of your organisations Information Systems (IS) and Information Technology (IT) infrastructure. Such reviews ensure and enhance existing systems in place to safeguard the organisation’s assets, integrity of electronic data and monitor the effective operation of IS and IT systems and their contribution towards the achievement of the organization’s goals and objectives.

Information Technology IT Consultancy

Our dedicated IS / IT team can assist with project scoping and planning, business process and system design, software technical solutions, hardware technical solution, networking and project management.

Information Technology IT Governance

Ensure that investments in Information Technology IT generate business value that fits into the overall Corporate Governance Strategy of the organisation whilst mitigating the related information technology IT risks.

Business Process Re-engineering

In today’s fast paced economic and market reality, we at Capstone understand how important it is for a business to be in a position to evolve, adapt and diversify its operations in line with designated  markets and industries. Our approach is to look into the various business processes from the outside and bring new ideas and methodologies to bear and assist you in rethinking and re-engineering your business processes to improve performance, increase efficiency and achieve added operational cost savings. The end result is to acquire new market share, achieve, maintain and improve your competitive advantage.

Controls Design, Implementation and Post Implementation Review

We can assist you in the design of system controls, implementation thereof and perform a post implementation review to assess the extent to which objectives were met and highlight any areas requiring improvement.

Data Management

Manage your data efficiently, optimise your data warehouse and maximise the benefits derived from your data. We can assist with data management, warehouse design and implementation and data mining solutions and techniques.