Business Advisory

Business Advisory

Organisations are continuously developing and refining their business strategies with the aim of achieving organisational goals in an efficient and effective manner. Our business advisory unit can assist and in this process help managers develop human, financial, physical and information based strategies. We can also provide assistance to entrepreneurs in evaluating business start-ups. Our firm has extensive experience in conducting business appraisals and in providing timely advice on how to improve performance across a business entity. We can also bring to bear a number of local and international contacts and leverage solutions derived from different perspectives…

We work with management of local and international businesses in the private and public sector to establish viable and workable platforms from which to implement these strategies and monitor their success by reaching the desired goals and objectives, maximise profitability, create innovative solutions and manage any risk involved.

Principal areas were we can provide assed value include:

  • Project appraisals;
  • Project cash flows;
  • Business plans and projections;
  • Business development;
  • Project finance.

Capstone’s advisory service brings together the partners extensive exposure to various business sectors with its meticulous, analytical approach to problem solving.