Other Assurance

Liquidation Audit

As a Company reaches the end of its lifecycle it is trust into the dissolution process, the liquidator is responsible to ensure that the company is liquidated efficiently and effectively.  The audit of the scheme of distribution is an important element of this liquidation process, this would cover the period from initial dissolution date to the winding up date.

Consolidation Audit/Assistance

Group of companies which do not avail of/do not fall under the exemption as a small group must carry out a consolidation exercise in line with the requirements of the Maltese Company’s Act. Assistance to this effect might include preparation or review of the consolidation workings. Similarly, the fiscal tax consolidation exercise might also require assistance or review, Capstone has a dedicated unit able to service clients in this sphere.

Assurance Engagements & Reviews

Assurance engagements and reviews in line with various standards and assurance level, may include but are not limited to negative assurance reports, System and Organization Controls Reports and other ad-hoc reports.

Due Diligence Reviews

Various instances whereby tailor-made assurance reports may be required, such as supporting reports for banking due diligence purposes. Worth mentioning are specific assurance reports on due diligence on Distributed Ledger Technology & Blockchain elements.

Assistance in adherence to reporting frameworks

Capstone’s experience in dealing with various international reporting frameworks allows the firm to provide assistance in reviewing Financial Statements to ensure adherence to reporting frameworks such as GAPSME and IFRS for both local and foreign registered entities.

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What our clients say

“The services of Capstone Assurance have been invaluable to our group of companies. They have provided us with Tax and Audit services since the very beginning. Although Capstone Assurance Ltd primarily handles our audit work, they have assisted us with several other specific projects and are fully committed to keeping us moving in the right direction. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable about our business and industry, their client service is exceptional.”

Lina Pecorella, CFO at Rootz LTD 

“Working with Capstone as auditors has been a pleasant professional experience for us. Their industry knowledge and expertise, and their attention to detail in critical areas, saved us invaluable time and made the audit process exceptionally smooth. It is thanks to Capstone’s commitment that we managed to meet our deadlines and that quality financial statements were prepared. It is a pleasure working with a team that combines industry expertise with the highest standards of professionalism.”

Darryl Cassar, Finance Manager at Hero Gaming