Business Advisory

Notified AIF Regime 2016 – A simple way to establish investment funds

This April the Malta Financial Services Authority (the “MFSA”) announced the launch of the new Notified AIF regime, a new investment fund structure for funds managed by a full-scope AIFM and promoted to qualifying or professional investors. These funds will not be subject to authorisation or approval by the MFSA nor will they be subjected to on-going supervision, resulting in far shorter time frames for them to become operational. Responsibility for the AIF is shifted onto the AIFM, which is the only party that the MFSA shall supervise under this new fund structure.

Despite not being licenced by the MFSA, the MFSA will include the AIF in the list of Notified AIFs available on its website within only ten (10) business days from notification to the MFSA. The AIF is authorised to commence business activities once it is registered on the Notified AIF list.
This means that Malta now offers a possibility to fund managers to establish new funds in Malta within a mere ten business days, escaping the full licencing process.

Requests for inclusion in the List of Notified AIFs are expected to begin being received around the second quarter of 2016.

Should you require any further information, please contact David Borg