IS & IT Assurance

Information Systems (IS) and Information Technology (IT) are at the heart of any modern organisation and stand as mission critical to the continuity and competitive advantage of any business. Legal, regulatory, governmental and stakeholder requirements in this respect have brought in additional risks for IS / IT reliant organisations.

At Capstone Group we offer a variety of Information Systems Services directed towards an optimal identification and management of the IS / IT risks of an organisation. Our IS / IT team is qualified and certified in various areas of specialisation and have considerable experience working directly in this sector.

Information Systems, Information Technology, Internal & Gap Audit

Whether as a standalone project, part of your financial audit or as part of an ongoing internal process, Capstone Group can undertake a comprehensive review of your controls and perform a gap analysis of your organisations information systems (IS) and information technology (IT) infrastructure.

Such reviews ensure and enhance existing systems in place to safeguard the organisation’s assets, integrity of electronic data and monitor the effective operation of IS and IT systems and their contribution towards the achievement of the organisation’s goals and objectives.

Information Technology Consultancy

Our dedicated IS and IT team can assist with the project scoping and planning business process and system design, software technical solutions, hardware technical solution, networking and project management.

Information Technology IT Governance

Ensuring that investments in Information Technology generate business value that fits into the overall Corporate Governance Strategy of the organisation whilst mitigating the related information technology risks.

Controls, Design, Implementation and Post Implementation Review

We can assist in the design of system controls, implementation thereof and perform a post implementation review to assess the extent to which objectives were met and highlight any areas that require improvement.

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What our clients say

“The services of Capstone Assurance have been invaluable to our group of companies. They have provided us with Tax and Audit services since the very beginning. Although Capstone Assurance Ltd primarily handles our audit work, they have assisted us with several other specific projects and are fully committed to keeping us moving in the right direction. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable about our business and industry, their client service is exceptional.”

Lina Pecorella, CFO at Rootz LTD 

“Working with Capstone as auditors has been a pleasant professional experience for us. Their industry knowledge and expertise, and their attention to detail in critical areas, saved us invaluable time and made the audit process exceptionally smooth. It is thanks to Capstone’s commitment that we managed to meet our deadlines and that quality financial statements were prepared. It is a pleasure working with a team that combines industry expertise with the highest standards of professionalism.”

Darryl Cassar, Finance Manager at Hero Gaming