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Capstone Group partner re-elected to AEIME Advisory Board of Integra International

David Borg, Business Advisory Partner at Capstone Group, has been re-elected to serve on the AEIME  (Africa, Europe, India and the Middle East) Advisory Board of Interga International.

Integra International was established in 1994 with a clear objective to create an interactive association between Chartered Accountants, Tax Advisors and Business Consultants in order to promote and facilitate the sharing of knowledge and expertise across as wide an industry sector as possible. This platform provides its members with access to an international pool of highly experienced and qualified intellectual resources. Established initially in Europe, the Association now has more than 124 independent member firms spanning the globe from the Americas to Australia. Integra has also made successful inroads within Africa and India recently with an influx of new members from this region. This is in line with Integra’s strategy to have an associate, member firm in all the major cities across the world.

Capstone Group joined the association in 2012 in order to provide its clients with solutions that are genuinely multi-jurisdictional. This access to partners in different countries, sharing a common ethos and meeting high levels of professional competence and ethical standards has allowed the Group to continue to grow its portfolio of international clients and to ensure that advice provided also includes input from qualified and competent professionals from the target jurisdiction.

Commenting following his re-election, David Borg said: “We are operating within a global economy where business is done across multiple borders. Businesses operate from offices in various countries and as a professional firm we welcome the opportunity to work with colleagues from other countries in order to provide our clients with a complete solution which looks at situations from multiple angles rather than one. We also draw comfort from the fact that our involvement with Integra allows for a seamless transition of clients from one jurisdiction to another without loss in the quality of the service levels to which they would have become accustomed”.

David is currently serving his third term as a member of the Board, which will be spearheading the continued expansion and development of Integra International within the AEIME regions as well as interacting directly with Integra’s Global Board.

Concluding, David said: “It is an honour for me to be reconfirmed in this role for the third successive year by me peers and I look forward to yet another year of working with my fellow board members towards achieving Integra’s development objectives”.