Capstone Group

TAP Knowledge

tap k LogoThe Firm adheres to TAP Knowledge (TAP-K), a multidisciplinary collaborational support system developed by and between independent professional services firms.

TAP-K’s central feature is a structured collaborative system, known as the ‘TAP-K working system’, which includes a shared management support & resource platform, and further provides for enhanced integrated and seamless solutions for the members’ clients where required.

The Members of TAP-K thus operate as independent centres of expertise, enriched by a multi-layered and multi-disciplinary professional support infrastructure, as well as by the specialist expertise of fellow Members, as and where required.

The system was developed by a group of associated professional services companies and firms (comprising of Capstone, the law firm Fenech Farrugia Fiott Legal, and Alliance Trust Company limited), as a structured system of collaboration as well as a resource sharing system, in order to attain better economies of scale.

The originators of the system have also made this working system available to a wider network of independent professional services providers with a view to widening the areas of knowledge available for sharing and application.

The TAP Knowledge members thus have a platform and structured system to:

  • support each other in a non-exclusive manner, by making available their own expertise;
  • share intellectual management support resources as well as facilities, as may be required; and
  • develop joint or synergized initiatives which are buttressed by the multi-disciplinary backdrop against which they are conceived.

The wider network of independent firms who have adhered to the TAP-K working system includes the following companies:

Alliance Facilities Management Services Ltd: Commercial property management, residential property management and condominium administration;
Alliance Trust Company Ltd: Corporate services, fiduciary, trustee & foundation administrators;
Capstone Advisory Ltd: Accounting services, tax and Vat administration and compliance;
Chesterton Malta: Property location & personal re-locations;
Fenech Farrugia Fiott Legal: legal & tax advisors;
iMovo Ltd: Business Intelligence Systems consulting, Customer Relationship Management, Cloud computing;
MPV International: Financial services industry experts based in Italy
Naval Architectural Services: Design, survey and consultancy for the maritime industry.
Project Solutions Corporation Ltd: Project management consultancy;
RG Capital Advisors Ltd: Project and corporate finance consultancy;
Strategyworks Ltd: Change management & corporate strategy, public communications & new media;
The Concept Stadium: Branding, design, web and social media, PR, CSR and Marketing Strategy;
Trader Marine Yacht Services Ltd: Yacht services & management.