Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) denotes an entity’s commitment to behave in an ethical manner, improve the quality of life of its workforce and their families as well as their immediate community, whilst at the same time not detract from its ongoing economic development.

At Capstone we take responsibility for the impact that our firm’s activity has on these sectors and we are also aware of our obligations to put something back into our community. To this effect we have drawn up a CSR policy encompassing our adherence to ethical guidelines, sustainability and environmental issues and build credibility and integrity as a trusted member of our society.

Ethical Policy

At Capstone we believe in treating each other fairly, with respect and dignity and fully support and practice principles of equal opportunity. We do not make any distinction between sex, race, colour creed or political beliefs when taking on staff or clients. It is also our policy to decline clients that are involved or in any way associated with poor labour conditions or who discriminate between their workforce.

Environment Policy

Both as a firm and as individuals we at Capstone realise that we share in the responsibility of preserving our natural environment and believe in operating in a sustainable manner to minimise our impact. Our environmental strategy also imposes that we select environmentally conscious suppliers and bring to our client’s attention any aspects of their business that may have an adverse impact and work with them to address the matter in as much and wherever possible.

We monitor and gauge our use of natural resources such as power and water and in fact utilise rain water to handle all our grey water requirements, a solar array to provide hot water and low energy lamps to provide lighting within the office. With regards office consumables, we believe in the 3R’s, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We support a paper-free office culture, the reduction of letters and correspondence, minimising hard copy marketing and use either recycled or FSC paper.

Community Policy

Capstone considers its involvement in the community of paramount importance and not simply as something that we should be seen to be doing. We contribute to the community both through direct financial support and also by taking part in community events that leave a measurable contribution.

The firm supports a number of national and local charities with both time and money and the partners provide time and advice free of charge to local groups and organisations. Our firm supports a community in Kenya and are involved in raising funds to provide basic requirements for this village.